About Membership


Any person who is interested in understanding and contributing to the field of biorisk (biosafety and biosecurity) in Singapore is welcome to join as a member. Membership is valid for 12 months from date of membership. The following types of membership is available:

  1. Full membership is open to persons involved in the practice of biorisk management (safety personnel, life science professionals and safety regulatory personnel) with an annual fee of SGD 30.
  2. Associate membership is open to persons with an interest in biorisk management with an annual fee of SGD 10.
  3. Corporate membership is open to organisations interested in the promotion and support of biorisk management. Corporate membership allows up to 5 employees with an annual fee of SGD 300.
  4. Life membership is available at SGD300.
  5. Members of BAS are also association members of the Asia-Pacific Biorisk Association (www.a-pba.org/membership), and affliate members of International Federation of Biorisk Associations (internationalbiosafety.org) and ABSA International (absa.org).

Contact secretary@biorisk.sg for memebership sign-up.