BAS turns 10!

Biorisk Association of Singapore will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year! Since 2010, BAS has been organising many events such as seminars, workshops and small group discussions to increase awareness and spread knowledge about biorisks that we face in our professional and personal lives.

For this celebration, we have invited the Founding President, Dr Ling Ai Ee, to give us a special address. In line with the current pandemic, we will be holding the Webinar “COVID-19 Biorisk Management at the Laboratories” where 3 distinguished speakers will be sharing with us on managing diagnostic, environmental and research COVID-19 samples.

  • “Early experience in COVID-19 Diagnostics at NTU-LKC-Medby Dr SP Sivalingam, NTU-LKC School of Medicine
  • “Sampling and Handling of Environmental Samples with Potential COVID-19 Contamination” by Dr Judith Wong, NEA
  • Handling COVID-19 Research Samples” by Dr Bintou Ahidjo, NUS Medicine BSL3 Facility
3:00 pm
Welcome Address
Special Address by Dr Ling Ai Ee, Founding President 2010
3:30 pmWebinar
COVID-19 Biorisk Management at the Laboratories”

4:30 pm2020 Annual General Meeting

Check this link for photos and videos shared at BAS 10th Anniversary & AGM meeting!